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Bill Hayward

Associate Vice Provost and Director

University Hall, Suite 2601  312-996-3254

Bill Hayward is the Director of the Office of Institutional Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago and oversees the work of the office. Bill has thirty years of experience in institutional research and as a higher educational consultant. He spent a total of twenty-five years in the Institutional Research Office at Northwestern University, first as an analyst, and then fifteen years as the director. He also spent five years as a higher education consultant, serving as the Vice-President of the higher education research practice at Slover Linett (a Chicago-based firm) and then as the Director of Constituent Research at the Huron Consulting Group.

Stephanie Estrada

Senior Associate Director

University Hall, Suite 2623  312-413-3643

Stephanie Estrada is the Senior Associate Director of the Office of Institutional Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Management Information team is responsible for creating and maintaining student data files, systems, and reporting tools to meet all official data requirements of OIR and producing federal and state level institutional reports such as IPEDS and IBHE and other requests for official data. Prior to joining UIC, Stephanie worked as an independent data consultant, a researcher at the University of Chicago, and a senior consultant at eLoyalty in the technology and customer service industry. She earned her M.S. in Public Administration from DePaul University and B.A. in Business from Truman State University.

Anna Pasillas-Santoyo

Associate Director

University Hall, Suite 2605  312-413-8252

Anna Pasillas-Santoyo is the Associate Director at the UIC Office of Institutional Research. Anna has been part of the University of Illinois at Chicago staff since 2006. Prior to joining the Office of Institutional Research, Anna served as Project Associate for the UIC Community Schools Evaluation Project. After working on the evaluation project, Anna served as Enrollment and Data Manager for the UIC School of Continuing Studies and later transitioned to the role of Data Collection and Reporting Specialist. Anna earned both her B.A. degree in Applied Psychology and M.Ed. in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment at UIC.

Diane Gilbert

Business Administrative Associate

University Hall, Suite 2603  312-413-3652

Diane Gilbert is the Business Administrative Associate for Institutional Research. Prior to joining UIC in 2013, Diane worked at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as a Project Coordinator. Diane holds a BS degree from Western Illinois University.

Henry Young

IR Analyst

University Hall, Suite 2627  312-413-3654

Henry Young is a senior analyst and tech support for OIR. He graduated from UIC in1987 and started working in DRIA (now OIR) after being a student consultant for the Computer Center for several years (now called ACCC) and helping DRIA with some projects during that time.

Brian Mandel

IR Analyst

University Hall, Suite 2625  312-413-3959

Brian Mandel is an Institutional Research Analyst specializing in student data management and reporting. His primary responsibilities include managing data snapshots for point-in-time and longitudinal analyses as well as providing analytical support to internal and external requests for institutional information. Prior to joining UIC in 2014, Brian was a Senior Research Analyst at the Chicago School Education System where he automated cyclical reports and built analyses for ad hoc requests. In addition to his IR experience, Brian also has eight years’ of higher education experience in strategy and compliance.

Alex Najduch

IR Analyst

University Hall, Suite 2611  312-413-3675

Alex Najduch joined the Office of Institutional Research in August 2016 as a Research Analyst specializing in data systems and reporting. Prior to UIC, Alex worked as a Data Systems Specialist for the University of Alaska Southeast in Sitka, Alaska. There she specialized in enrollment management, early alert systems and data management. She also has experience working with the Department of Labor as a Data Analyst monitoring the Alaskan fishing industry. Alex holds a M.A. degree in International Development from Clark University and a B.A. degree from Augustana College.

Clay Johnson

IR Analyst

University Hall, Suite 2609  312-355-5880

Clay Johnson joined the Office of Institutional Research in September 2016 and was previously with the University Office of Planning and Budgeting in Urbana. His prior experience includes teaching middle and high school math in Arkansas public schools. Clay has a PhD in Educational Statistics & Research Methods and a graduate certificate in Educational Measurement from the University of Arkansas. He also holds an MA in Mathematics Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Last updated: 10/25/2016