University System Data

Faculty Salary Study
The University of Illinois Faculty Salary Study book presents high, low, and mean salaries, mean employer expenditures for employee fringe benefits, and mean ages of faculty in the University as a whole, by campus, by college-level unit, and by department. Information is broken down by faculty rank (Instructor and above) and length of contract (9/10 v. 11/12 month) in each unit. Specific criteria used to produce the report are shown in the "Explanatory Notes" section on the first two pages.
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FY 2016 Fall 2015 Faculty Salary Study PDF 417 KB
FY 2015 Fall 2014 Faculty Salary Study PDF 530 KB
FY 2014 Fall 2013 Faculty Salary Study PDF 420 KB
FY 2013 Fall 2012 Faculty Salary Study PDF 671 KB
FY 2012 Fall 2011 Faculty Salary Study PDF 414 KB
Academic and Administrative Appointments (Gray Book)
The Gray Book contains the annual present salary and FTE for the 2014-15 academic year and the proposed salary and FTE for the 2015-16 academic year. Tenure status for faculty appointments and employee class for all employees are reported.
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AY 2015-2016 AY 2015-2016 Academic Personnel Supplement PDF 1912 KB
Staffing Trends
Staff count reports are produced by the University Office for Planning and Budgeting every year. The tables below are the February reports which track staffing trends over a 12 year period. For best use of these tables, please see the information on interpreting the reports and the criteria used to produce them.
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February 2006-2016 Staffing Trends - All Funds PDF 584 KB
Feburary 2006-2016 Staffing Trends - State Funds PDF 534 KB