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Contact Name Email Phone Number Level of Access Unit Code Primary Contact Unit Name
Alejandra Davidson 3-4013 College FN Yes Dentistry
Michael Harner 3-1103 College FN Yes Dentistry
Paulina Janczuk 5-4906 College FN Yes Dentistry
Lubing Zhang 3-5493 College FN Yes Dentistry
Blanca Sanchez 6-7514 Department 216 Yes Endodontics
Asif Ashiqali 6-7734 Department 237 Yes Ctr for Molec Biol of Oral Dis
Susan Diane Lloyd 3-7925 Department 319 Yes Oral Medicine and Diag Sci
Lilliana Gutierrez Department 338 Yes Dental Clinics
Karen Patton 6-1994 Department 628 Yes Pediatric Dentistry
Colleen Glascott 3-4467 Department 735 Yes Periodontics
Maria Y. Santamaria 6-1264 Department 735 Yes Periodontics
Maria Limon 6-1052 Department 757 Yes Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Asif Ashiqali 6-7734 Sub-org 758004 Yes Dentistry Office of Research
Anna Panova 6-2269 Department 800 Yes Restorative Dentistry
Melissa Portis 312-996-7138 Department 978 Yes Orthodontics
Sarontay Smith 3-8640 Department 978 Yes Orthodontics
Asif Ashiqali 6-7734 Department 989 Yes Oral Biology
jamiee coates 312-996-7734 Department 989 Yes Oral Biology