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Contact Name Email Phone Number Level of Access Unit Code Primary Contact Unit Name
Annabelle Clarke 3-2963 College FR Yes Architecture,Design,& the Arts
Jessie Morris-Forristall 5-3048 College FR Yes Architecture,Design,& the Arts
Tomoko Kawanaka 3-1058 Department 489 Yes Theatre
Tenesha Edwards 996-3433 Department 583 Yes Art
Tomoko Kawanaka 3-1058 Department 585 Yes Theatre & Music Administration
Tomoko Kawanaka 3-1058 Department 680 Yes Music
Tenesha Edwards 996-3433 Department 745 Yes Art and Art History Admin
Ann Clarke 5-0989 Department 895 Yes School of Design
Tenesha Edwards 996-3433 Department 910 Yes Art History
Lauren Van Damme 6-5696 Department 911 Yes School of Architecture
Jessie Morris-Forristall 5-3048 Department 935 Yes Hull House Museum