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EXIT Survey of Graduating Students

This survey collects information on satisfaction with academic experiences, interest in Alumni Association activities, employment, and future education plans. Results are available for each UIC college. Conducted each year by the Chicago Office of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.

2011 Survey (PDF format)  

2010 Survey (PDF format)  

2009 Survey (PDF format)  

2008 Survey (PDF format)  

2007 Survey (PDF format)

2006 Survey (PDF format)

2005 Survey (PDF format)

2004 Survey (PDF format)

2003 Survey (PDF format)

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Fall 2013 Enrollments

The University of Illinois at Chicago's record-breaking Fall 2013 enrollment is 27,589, an increase of 77 students over last year. Graduate and professional enrollments are at record highs, and the undergraduate enrollment of 16,660 is eleven students fewer than last year. More than 3,800 baccalaureate degrees were awarded for the second year in a row in academic year 2012-2013, and more graduate and professional degrees were awarded than last year as well.
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